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He had many wizard friends.
You know it's hard to find two or three wizards in a century, and that makes him quite impressive.
The wizards gave him magics as gift, expecting him to notice the wonder of their art.
They wanted him to know that magic isn't just a tool, that it's part of the greater principle, free from concept of reality.

He wasn't good as his friends but at least he was able to see magic.
So he could slap all those magics over his armor.

He strangled people with the song that praised the greatness of life,
and he tied the charm of protection on his wrist, turning his fist into super-arm.
How remarkable it was, wrapping a hymn for the Great Sun King around the cylinder and using it as a flamethrower.
Many magics turned his armor into a terrifying weapon.
Knotty magics were used as random grenades, stored in his belt.

When his friends heard this, they just said,
"At least he tried."